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Our Services

  • General organizational support
  • Travel organization consultancy
  • Transfer service to the accommodation
  • Accommodation
  • Local transport
  • Initial briefing
  • Language training
  • Job interviews
  • Internship
  • Cultural and recreational activities in the city
  • Project monitoring
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  • Support to the learning process
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  • Administrative and bureaucratic management
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    Possible areas of internship activities
    Below we propose possible sectors for the project activities. to be agreed with you.
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    Agricultural engineering, gardening, agricultural management.

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    Tours, event management, farm or ranch work experience, services.

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    Business and Administration

    Business administrative services, office management..

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    Information technology, computer networking, programming, repair.

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    Creative Industries

    Commercial art, advertising, fashion design, graphic arts, mass media.

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    Technology innovation, protection of the environment.

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    European Planning

    Writing, implementation of EU programs.

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    Culinary arts, food preparation, pastry arts.

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    Internship in activities related to human health

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    Hostpitality adn Tourism

    Internship in Hospitality management & services.

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    Marketing And Communication

    Advertising, marketing, social media management, retail

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    Mechanical Electrical

    Design, machining, welding, electrical protection, high voltage.

    All our proposed internship activities are organized taking into consideration the training needs of the participants, completing their preparation and promoting a transversal and integrated vision of professional realities, favoring the understanding of sectoral opportunities and criticalities and the skills required to enter the labour market.

    Our main activities include:

    • the conception of an innovative project;
    • identification of training needs;
    • the identification of strategic objectives with the collaboration of all the entities involved;
    • the organization of resources and tools suitable for the project to be implemented;
    • feasibility analysis,
    • implementation and follow up.

    Internships in companies for professional training which are financed by the Erasmus + Program, or by the European Social Fund or by national, regional and local funds, do not involve any cost for the host companies.

    The host company profile is available to offer tutor supervision to the trainee. Internships in companies are legally regulated through official European documents (learning agreement, quality commitment, Europass certificate) signed by the parties involved (educational institution / training center, trainee, host company).


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