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Cosvitec is certified UNI EN 14804:2005.

The UNI EN 14804 guarantees the quality of study stay specific services. Services include: accommodation, leisure activities and additional travel services.


For Cosvitec quality is not only an essential feature of the services provided, but it is a real corporate cultural approach oriented to customer satisfaction in order to:

  • provide high-value-added solutions and services, using highly innovative technologies
  • be a reliable partner, offering effective and long-lasting collaborations
  • define its needs precisely, analyzing the way it operates, the technological structure and standardizing itself to the business objectives, to get to develop solutions that integrate with the systems used by the customers themselves
  • optimize decision-making effectiveness and competitiveness, cutting costs and improving the quality of operations.


Cosvitec is certified ISO9001

he application of ISO 9001 quality procedures improves business performance and helps to keep business risk under control for the provision of: vocational and business training services; safety at work; socio-economic scientific research for land development and for business creation; development and innovation; organizing conferences and seminars; providing training and internships both in Italy and abroad.

Certification helps all staff improve the performance of the service offered by also facilitating the measurement of performance and keeping under control the critical issues that may arise while maintaining full compliance with the expectations. The ISO 9001 PLAN, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) structure ensures that customer needs are taken into account and met before they can be irreversible.