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osvitec network has offices throughout Europe and provides dedicated offices and staff for every need and for every proposed project. Cosvitec has developed over the years a specific "KNOW-HOW" in the field of Educational and Professional Training, in particular in the Management of all activities related to: International Mobility; Exchange of Experiences and Good Practices for Students; Graduates; Workers; Teachers; trainers and more. Cosvitec has a very good expertise of the Erasmus Plus program.


We identify the possibilities you may have by submitting a project. We study the opportunities offered and the possible fields of action to ensure the success of the idea.

Develop the idea
We write the necessary guidelines for the implementation of the projects. In this way, we will develop the idea, setting objectives, timetables and strategic plans.

Project management
Organization and management of all the aspects of the project not only provide writing and consulting services but also practical realization and project implementation.