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Cosvitec is a Non-for Profit Research, High Education/Training (VET) and Vocational Guidance center, born in 2001 in Naples, Italy. Cosvitec key role and innovating character derives from the perfect match between research and entrepreneurship: our network includes University Departments and Small/Medium Enterprises.

Cosvitec offers tangible formal/non-formal educational and job opportunities to young people in search of qualification and specialization, through innovative courses that enable to enter successfully the labor market.

The close collaboration with enterprises operating in many different sectors (agri-food, materials engineering, logistics, entrepreneurship, innovation, tourism etc.) allows Cosvitec to provide master and training curricula, strongly anchored to the market requirements.


Our goal is to meet young and adult people needs of qualified educational planning, and ongoing assistance throughout the training process and after that, through placement actions. Cosvitec is certified as Intermediary Job Agency and we are strongly involved in Youth Guarantee Programme. The different training activities together with the different intervention’s context makes Cosvitec a Specialist in training provision, able to implement the most innovative methodologies, according to the constantly evolving market needs.



Cosvitec project Managers and Training staff have 20 years’ experience in project planning and implementation activities, such as:

  • needs and context analysis,
  • International projects writing and implementation,
  • innovative curricula design and development,
  • internship, job shadowing and mobility programs,
  • novel training methodologies implementation,
  • participants’ selections and preparation,
  • monitoring, evaluation, teachers and learners assessment,
  • follow-up, dissemination activities and events.

Our experience in European projects under LLP, Erasmus+ mobility for VET/YOUTH, strategic partnerships, Capacity Building, and Tempus demonstrates our focus on entrepreneurial related training with a focus on valorization of territory as a resource for economic development.


Cosvitec has decades of experience in the implementation of national and international training projects. In this sense, the company has operated individually as an actuator or as a partner, it has already operated professionally in the context of the initiatives, C1 and C5 of the MIUR which see as recipients the students of secondary school education and for which it has had numerous Good Outcomes. Cosvitec has already successfully implemented numerous rojects for Italian schools in various countries of the European Union, including Romania, England, Germany, France and Ireland, with numerous experiences carried out in the Principality of Asturias, Spain.


Our staff is dedicated with attention to all project activities from birth-design to reporting. Contact us we will be happy to help you and fulfill your requests

Our Team

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Sergio Bolletti Censi

General Manager

Founder and director of Cosvitec. Thanks to his long-time experience, he is an expert in many other sectors, such as project planning and coordination, management of partnerships and company public relations. He supervises the management of programmes and activities financed by European, national and regional funds.

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Angela Buccione

International / European projects

Psychologist of education, communication and innovation in social and organizational contexts. Her expertise serves in Regional, National and European projects, handling design. She is in charge of EU funded Mobility activities. She deals also with logistics and preparatory activities. She takes care of the public relations.

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Aniello Gervasio

International / European projects

Master Degree in Medical Biotechnology and Qualified biologist. Expert in development of programmes and projects at national and International level in the field of Education, training, inclusion and sustainable development. He works on the design and implementation of Erasmus+, EuropeAid, H2020 and other EU programmes.

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Barbara Cuomo

Research Division and Intermediary Job Agency

Master Degree in Environmental Sciences with Specialization in Sustainable development management. She manages research activities in different sectors, at international, national and regional levels. Thanks to her experience, she is a valuable asset also for the training and consultancy divisions.

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Orsetta Ricolo

Training Team and Intermediary Job Agency

Master Degree in Sociology. She manages the training activities, offering qualified educational planning and ongoing assistance before, during and after the training process. She is in charge of our Intermediary Job Agency, promoting human resources development and skills assessment of our users.

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Mario Lombardi

Adv Team and Social Media Strategist

Master Degree in Economy of the International Commerce with specialization in Quality Management System. Graphic designer. He is a manager of the marketing and advertising divisions, managing and planning project’s advertising campaigns and social media strategies for Regional, National and International projects.

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Marco Caputo

International / European projects

Master degree in European and International studies. He supports the design and implementation of International and EU funded projects. He facilitates transnational connections and works on the design and implementation on Erasmus+, EuropeAid, Urbact, H2020 and other EU programmes.

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Claudio Gigliotti

Research Division

Master Degree in Biotechnology, with several publications in the Agri-food sector. He manages research activities in different sectors, at international, national and regional level. He is responsible for the draft and filing of patents, field research and research project supervision.

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Giulio Murolo


Expert in supervision and management of business planning. He manages database storage, administrative, accountancy and financial aspects of National and international Projects.